DMITRY GUBERNIEV is a TV presenter, commentator, showman, sports journalist, and the adviser of the general director of TV channel "Russia", commentator of the TV channel "Match TV".

The winner of four TEFI awards, the winner of the award of the government of Russia. Repeatedly admitted the best sports journalist of the country.

He is awarded the order of Friendship. Unique from sports journalists of the country, following the results of work on the Olympic games in Sochi, he is awarded by the higher award of Russian Federation - an award "For merits before Fatherland" IV degrees. He is awarded by a medal of the Ministry of Emergency Measures "For propagation of saving business"; he is awarded by a medal of the Ministry of Defence of the Russian Federation "For strengthening of fighting commonwealth".

"Biathlon with Dmitry Guberniev" - one of the most popular sports programs on television.

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